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She was able to manage hectic travel and work long days, nights, and holidays because her mother, mother-in-law, and husband helped care for her daughter, who is now 20, she said. Support in the workplace didn’t come easy, McKenzie said. When working with a trial team that had other female members, she fought hard to be the one who got to question witnesses on a patent case with million dollar stakes. “I just kept fighting, kept asking and kept pushing and kept saying that I would be the best one to do it,” McKenzie said. “I was unrelenting to the point where I became an annoyance, but I had to get that opportunity, and that was the only way it would’ve happened for me.” Some law firms are taking steps to cultivate diversity. For instance, 43 percent of 21 attorneys elevated to principal at Fish & Richardson P.C. were women, the IP law firm said as it announced promotions in January.Akbar said smaller and boutique IP law firms are working to be more inclusive. The gender ratio among shareholders and attorneys in her firm, Venjuris, a boutique intellectual property law firm, is nearly 50-50, she said. That is “trickling upwards as opposed to things trickling down,” and big law firms are paying more attention toward diversifying trial teams in IP cases, she said. Younger attorneys and judges entering litigation could change the gender ratio.

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