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Overall, the office has gotten convictions or guilty pleas from 84 investors as part of the investigation into widespread collusion among bidders to drive down prices at auctions across the Bay area. Patchen said her office has a “very narrow” mission to enforce the federal antitrust laws. “That mission doesn’t change between administrations,” she said. Tse took his brief opening remarks to introduce himself to the crowd. Tse, who served as Stretch’s top assistant since 2016 and as the office’s civil chief for three years prior to that, is about 90 days into a 210-day term as acting U.S. attorney. It will be up to the district court’s chief judge to choose the U.S. attorney, unless the president nominates someone and the Senate confirms them. “There’s no indication when that will happen,” Tse said. Tse noted that audience members had no doubt read of the administration’s and the DOJ’s increased focus on violent crime, the opioid epidemic, and illegal immigration. “Those are indeed priorities,” he said. “I’m here to tell you that white collar remains a priority. … Know that the U.S.

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